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Producing exceptional talent in Advertising is our mission and keeping our clients happy is PARAMOUNT! More notably, we are known for our positive, collaborative and synergistic work ethic on set. We stand tall behind our Trademark.

We believe that hiring the most qualified and outgoing animal actor for your project can help bring your creative vision to life! Our Hero animal talent wins the clients over every time. We will hit the mark on your request and deliver the behaviors to match your vision.

Here are a few of our latest stars, but there are thousands to choose from! Get in touch to find your perfect star!

Looking for Hero Talent?

Why spin around twice before you do your business? Your research tells you exactly what kind of animal will produce the results you need for your brand and we can locate that perfect animal for you.

Here at Got Pet-ential we work with domestic and exotic animals. You name it, we can train it.

Dogs, cats, poultry, hoof stock, equine, farm animals, rodents, squirrels, amphibians, foxes, wolves, birds of prey, reptile, exotic birds. We can source any animal you set heart on. Our talent base is Nationwide. We can set up your talent where your project is or come along to make it a spectacular experience for you.

That’s a little bit about what we do. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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