Talent Submission

A Profile is Worth A Thousand Words!

Make sure to put your pets best paw, hoof, or wing forward by submitting amazing photos of them.

Our clients choose animals for their projects based on their specific market research as well as how the animals are presented in their profiles.

Proper lighting, camera angles, and the right background can help your star get the gig!

Their training and experience in a studio setting is also highly considered when making their choice.

Tips for Getting the Best Photos

Have adequate lighting whether the photo is taken indoors or outdoors

Take your pets photo at their level, not taken looking down at them

Pet should be looking at camera

No blurry or grainy photos

Pet is clean and groomed

No phone snapshots

Clean and clear backdrop or background

What Photo Angles Should I Get?

A variety of shots are expected. Please provide us with:

Two full body shots – one standing to the left and one standing to the right

A tight head shot – head towards camera/looking at camera

A sitting shot – head towards camera/looking at camera

Photos Not to Submit

(going from top to bottom, left to right)

Multiple dogs in photo, not looking at camera

People in photo, dog not cleary visible

Photo not lit properly

Action shot, face not visible

Photo taken from above, dirty background

Poorly lit, face not visible

Looking away from camera, taken from above

Blurry photo

Too many accessories