What Our Clients say...

Trisha has been a wonderful addition to our training team at the Endangered Wolf Center. Her years of knowledge training exotic and domestic animals has been an invaluable asset and has helped improve our training program. The two main goals of our training program are to improve the lives of our non-releasable animals while in they are in our care and to improve the educational opportunities with our guests. Trish helped the Endangered Wolf Center accomplish these important goals by assisting in the design and implementation the first ever, successful swift fox training program and has helped us add some impressive elements to our existing African painted dog and maned wolf training programs. Trish is very professional, a joy to work with and is an expert in understanding animal behavior.

Regina H. Mossotti
Director of Animal Care and Conservation
Endangered Wolf Center

Killy got to work with Got Pet-ential and had a great time! Trisha is a complete pro, and everyone involved made us feel super groovy! Having been in the music biz for many years and toured all over the world, I know how difficult it is to pull off all the details of any event – but when you throw dogs into the mix it gets even more challenging. But Trisha had every detail organized and had awesome communication making the whole shoot smooth and totally pro from the initial conversation to the final shots. Killy says thanks for everything!!

Jeff Scheetz

Over the past couple days Happy Jack Dog worked with Trisha Seifried and her fantastic staff at Got Petential LLC doing a commercial video and still photo shoot. We are so fortunate to work with Trisha – she and her staff handled every aspect and detail of the shoot with grace and professionalism giving each dog the opportunity to perform at their best. Got Pet-ential LLC has raised the bar for animal talent agents and trainers. Trisha’s incredible personality shines through her leadership and approach to animal handling.

Additionally, the professional approach of Trisha and her staff as they interfaced with all humans involved in the shoot made all involved feel valued and left everyone excited to work with Got Pet-ential again and again. Thank you Trisha – we are standing at the ready to work with you anywhere anytime.

Ace (aka Ace Cheney- Superdog our Labrador) had the best time with Trisha, Jennifer, Donna and Missy. The team made Ace feel extra special during the filming of a wickedly awesome commercial in New York City. It happened to be his birthday so there was extra special love to go around. We hope to work with the team again soon anywhere they want to take us, we’ll be ready!

Mariann Izzo Cheney — 5 stars

Right from the start, Trish Seifried impressed me with her undeniable talent in modifying and driving desired animal behaviors. As a marketing professional in the industry, I have worked with animals in production studios as well as outdoor sets, both in Los Angeles and St. Louis. But I have never witnessed results that are comparable to those productions that Trish has casted and directed. She has a rare ability to handle & train dogs, cats, and exotics in record time and maintain their focus on performing tasks in front of a camera, all while tuning out disruptive environmental distractions. Trish uses consistent positive reinforcement as the staple of her training technique resulting in satisfied animals and flawless execution. Trish’s quality of work through Got Pet-ential speaks for itself, and word is starting to spread of St. Louis’ “best kept secret” in animal talent, training & production.

Trish Richter
Marketing Manager

River and Creek recently had the opportunity to work with Got Pet-ential LLC on a Video project and then again last week, Creek had the opportunity to work with Trisha Seifried and her team on another video/photo project. From the very start Trisha and her team andled the projects with the utmost professionalism, making us first-timers feel comfortable and everything an overall great experience! Knowing the work and effort that goes into a video shoot, adding dogs into the project is no easy challenge. Trisha’s passion and extreme talent for working with animals, shines through in the way she was able to handle the dogs and get them to perform and meet the demands of each shot. Trisha’s personality and enthusiasm makes it a pleasure to work with her and easy on us pet parents. Everything from start to finish was organized and highly professional. Creek and River say Thank You Trish and Got Pet-ential for the opportunity to work with you!

Lauren Brody Terrill

Splash worked with Got Pet-ential LLC on a video project this week in St Louis. Trisha handled the scenes and setup with the utmost professionalism and consideration for Splash making his overall experience a great one and she knew just what to do to get a great performance out of him. Splash really enjoyed the afternoon and I couldn’t be more pleased with Got Pet-ential LLC! Impressed!

Andrea Rigler

We had a great first time experience in NYC with the lovely ladies of the Got Pet-ential team! From auditions to the shoot day, they were always ready with anything we might need. Rave lit up anytime Trisha said “Yes!” to her when working, she knows that means she got it right. Neptune enjoyed flirting with the ladies and being doted on, and looks forward to when he can see them again.

Sarah Mickle Power – 5 star